Squeak Alert is a patented slip that produces a noise when pressure is applied (i.e., stepping on it) & is designed to be placed under an existing doormat or rug throughout the home; no electricity or technology needed.
Kids are fast, furious and always on the move - wouldn't you like having a small peace of mind regarding the whereabouts of your child? With Squeak Alert, you can be notified when your child is near a door or an area they shouldn't be without supervision.
Worried about your child sneaking outside, going near the street or getting near the pool in the backyard? 

Need a little help when training your fur babies to sit by the backdoor & do their business outside?


What about transitioning your toddler to their big kid bed & them getting up in the middle of the night? 


You're not going to want to miss out on this! Peace of mind is just a SQUEAK away!

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